The Benefits Of Being Grateful EP: 37

The Benefits Of Being Grateful EP: 37

Benefits Of Being Grateful

One of the ways we can define the term grateful is being appreciative of the benefits you’ve received. It’s a simple explanation, but it covers the basics. The fundamental premise is there – something good has happened to you and you appreciate it.

Of course, these “benefits” can take many forms. It can be something that’s happened recently, but you also can (and should) be grateful for your overall life and the sum of the events which have led you here.

You can even be grateful for the bad things that have happened. Negative experiences are tough to get through but they do shape our journey. And they’re just as important as good stuff.

While it may not be the easiest feeling to put into words, everyone knows what it is to be grateful.

It’s that profound sense of happiness that comes once you realize something has truly gone your way in life. It’s a joyous feeling but also a serene one, a gentle warmth emanating from within.

Gratefulness (or gratitude) is also an incredibly potent feeling. Not only does this refer to your emotional wellbeing, but also to a number of outward traits such as your physical health. Science has proven this, and we’ll take a quick look at it later on.

What’s even better is that feeling grateful is something you can learn and practice! This means you can make a conscious effort to feel more grateful on a regular basis.

This podcast episode will show you how and why this monumentally important feeling can impact your life.



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