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Taking Action Ep: 12

Taking Action Ep: 12

3 Easy Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams

The Law of Action, just like The Law of Attraction, is one of the Universal Laws, and this means that you must take inspired action to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. When you use the Law of Attraction and send out thoughts of what you want in life, it is important to match your vibration by acting as if you already have what you want.Your thoughts and desires can thought of as intention, and you take action to match those intentions. Make your intentions clear and precise.

Notice how in the word “Attraction” there is the word “Action” in it. When you use the Law of Attraction purposely, be sure to remember to take inspired action to reach your Goals.

  • Do what you Love.
    • Think about your interest and hobbies or things you want to try. When you do what you Love, it’s effortless and you attract more of what you love in your life. More opportunities to manifest your desires will come your way when you do what you love. When you truly want to complete your goals for yourself and your happiness, you will be inspired to take action. Find the path of least resistance. When there is no resistance to achieving your goals you will do them effortless and achieve the effortlessly.
  • Keep a journal.
    • Make time to write out your thoughts and goals. Write them in present tense Affirmation format. When you do this you can sort through the thoughts that are not positive and that are hindering you from achieving your goals and you can change them on the spot in real time. You can change the negative thoughts to positive thoughts.. Repeat theses Affirmations that you have written down on a daily bases. Eventually you will become Super Conscious of your and your thoughts will become aligned with your desires. Remember your thoughts are important when using The Law of Attraction and when you are using The Law of Action. Make your intentions clear, this will help create inspired action to achieve your desires.
  • Meditate.
    • When ever you feel stuck and feel unsure about your desires/goals, take 7-15 minutes out of your day and spend in meditation. Meditation allows you to clear your mind  and improve your focus. Sometime it is good just to concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes and clear your mind. This will help you let go of the negative thoughts as you refocus on the things you desire. Just acknowledge the negative thoughts and let them go. Sometime I say “I hear you” and proceed to focus on what I desire. Remember to feel what you’re desiring.

The Law of Action and The Law of Attraction is constantly working in your favor.

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