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Five Core Values To Live By EP: 40

Five Core Values To Live By EP: 40

Five core values that I hold that helps define my Spirituality are honesty, authenticity, openness, love and the requirement to evolve. Theses are values that I have learned in my experiences in life and through meditation as well as reading books from some of my favorite authors.

Becoming Superconscious

First you must be honest with yourself and your reality and every detail in it. That means accepting the things that are hard to accept, be honest with yourself about your faults that may have a negative impact on your spiritual growth.

Second is authenticity. When you are honest with yourself you can begin to be authentic with yourself. To be authentic is to know your desires, needs and intentions and from where your impulse originates from.

Third is openness. The authentic self knows that to become more refined, one must be open to new experiences. Openness an important aspect to living authentically.

Fourth is love. Love is a force that has been described in many cultures as the most powerful emotion of humanity. Honesty allows you to see yourself for who you really are. Authenticity helps you live in a manner so you can pursue a resonating path. Openness grants you the ability to interpret more information. Love allows you to harmonize with your environment. It is by expanding your capacity to love that you grow to your highest levels of enlightenment. Love is positivity, and brings your reality to a higher vibration. Love allows for new opportunities to grow.

Fifth is self evolving. There is a need to continuously evolve. The first four core values will only get you so far. It is your duty to course yourself to evolve on as many planes as possible. By doing this you will gain higher level of consciousness that opens the door to manifestations.

Click Here for a pdf core value work sheet to help you define your personal core values.


Establishing Your Core Values EP: 39

Establishing Your Core Values EP: 39

The only thing holding you back from awakening is your lack of knowledge about who you are.

You feel that your life has no purpose, and you’re probably right. You think you deserve more, and you are right.

When you discover you Spiritual Core Values you discover, everlasting energy and motivation. When you discover you core values you discover a new sense of direction that gives you meaning and purpose. You will have the ability to make choices aligned with your deepest core.

Core Values
Core Values 

Abundance Acceptance Accountability Achievement Advancement Adventure Advocacy Ambition Appreciation Attractiveness Autonomy Balance Being the Best Benevolence Boldness Brilliance Calmness Caring Challenge Charity Cheerfulness Cleverness Community Commitment Compassion Cooperation Collaboration Consistency Freedom Love Adventuress Willingness Kindness Integrity Passion  Authenticity Loyal Beauty Gratitude  Independent Helpful Peace Power  Success