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A New Way Of Living EP: 17

A New Way Of Living EP: 17

Manifesting Your Reality With A New Way Of Thinking

Align your belief system to be in total agreement with what you are wanting. If your beliefs don’t support your vision, you will always subconsciously hold yourself back from achieving your goals.

  1. Have an Attitude of Gratitude
  2. Visualize your desires with feeling
  3. Imagine you already have your desires
  4. Clean up the clutter (you know what the clutter is)
  5. Prepare for your desires to come
  6. Ask for divine guidance
  7. Don’t try to figure out how your desires will manifest. Allow the universe to deliver how ever it sees appropriate
  8. Follow your intuition
  9. Learn to feel good now. There is power in the now
  10. Live only in this moment
  11. Keep a journal
  12. Celebrate your gains
  13. Use your Affirmations
  14. Exercise your imagination
  15. Start living your desires today

I truly appreciate you listening to the podcast each week.

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