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Three Techniques To Master Positive Thinking Ep: 29

Three Techniques To Master Positive Thinking Ep: 29

Mastering the Law of Attraction is not possible. But don’t loose hope or get discouraged. The Law Of Attraction is a natural universal law that is always in motion. No matter what you think, this law is always working. It is a part of the order and balance of the universe. It takes zero effort to use the Law Of Attraction to your benefit. However you can master positive thinking habits to help you create the of your dreams.

Meditation is incredibly powerful, but many of us find excuses to not use it. If your are new to meditation, try it for a week before you decide that it’s not for you. Take 10-20 minutes out of your day and meditate. Meditation basically means to clear your mind while focusing on something that is relaxing. There are various ways to meditate. You can focus on your breathing, (that is my most effective way). Another way is to listen to music designed for meditation. Some people can mediate while gardening or even driving down the highway. You will discover what is most beneficial for you as time go on. Meditation helps bring your mind back to the present so that you don’t clutter it up with all the what ifs and the yes buts and other worries.

Get into the habit of changing your negative thoughts into positive ones. When you change your negative thoughts, it doesn’t mean that you are denying anything. You are simple changing your frame of mind. Actually, the universe doesn’t even distinguish good and bad. Everything just exists. Simply let things be as they are and start changing your mindset by getting into the habit of positive thinking.

Whenever a negative thought comes up, it is easy just to interrupt it and say no. There is no benefit in entertaining the negative thought or to justify the negative thought. Remember like attracts like. So the more negative thoughts you entertain the more negative you will receive. The thoughts that you keep in you mind is the thoughts that are telling the universe that is what you want more of. Saying no and getting into the habit of creating positive thoughts will help you achieve your goals faster.

Studies show that developing a new habit takes 21 days, so this is your chance to challenge yourself and take 21 days to practice developing positive thinking habits. Not only will you be able to change your mindset, but you will also be able to change the reality you live in.