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Positive Attractions Ep: 3

Positive Attractions Ep: 3

Ways To Attract More Positive Energy

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. In life we judge by positive energy and negative energy. You can choose good energy or you can choose bad energy. To attract more positive energy you can practice the following.

  • Only think of the good things you would like to have in your life.
    • The perfect lover.
    • More money.
    • New job.
    • The perfect day.
    • The vacation a lifetime.


  • Dedicate 10-15 minutes each day to enhance you vibrational energy.
    • Meditation
    • Setting Goals
    • Focusing on your Dreams
    • Being Grateful


  • Eliminate the negative energy in your life.
    • Change the music you listen to.
    • Turn the TV off.
    • Delete people from your friends list on social media.
    • Stay away from negative people that brings down your vibration.


  • Bring more Love into your Life.
    • Start with loving yourself.