Honoring Your Strengths 

Honoring Your Strengths 

Honoring Your Strengths 

The more aware of your inner self you are, the more easily you’ll be able to recognize and honor your strengths. By “strengths” I mean the things you are naturally good at, or you’ve become good at through repetition. 

Honoring your strengths is an important part of building your confidence, because your confidence is often based on your perception of your capabilities. If you believe you’re good at communication, you will approach all communication with a high level of confidence. If you believe you stink at athletics, you’ll give them less effort because deep inside you’ll have a little voice telling you not to bother. 

Recognizing your strengths can be challenging if you don’t already have strong self-confidence, because your belief in your abilities is likely low. Even if you do have talent in a certain area, you may not believe you do – so you won’t see it as an asset. What you need to do is start small. 

First, get a clean sheet of paper and a pen, and begin by writing down anything you think you may be naturally good at. Don’t worry if you’re not great at it, just focus on things you can do marginally well for now. List things that seem to come easily to you, or things you feel pretty confident doing. (Examples: sports, organization, writing, event planning, photography, computer gaming, etc.) 

Next, write down anything you’ve become somewhat experienced in, like things you’ve had to do in your job, or activities you’ve gained a certain level of mastery over. (Examples: driving, accounting, dancing, juggling, salesmanship, customer service, etc.) 

Are you surprised that your list isn’t as empty as you feared? It’s going to get better! 

Now, write down your positive character traits, things you believe yourself to be. (Examples: kind, friendly, loving, trusting, patient, etc.) 

Look back over your list for a moment. Pay particular attention to the activities you’ve mastered as you did them over and over. 

Here’s the million-dollar question: If you were capable of learning and excelling at these activities, aren’t you capable of mastering others too? Of course you are! 

Are you feeling a bit more optimistic about your potential now? Are you beginning to see that by expanding your beliefs and honoring your strengths, you can achieve nearly anything you desire? 

As you get into the habit of honoring your strengths and stretching your limits, little by little your confidence will begin to grow. Eventually the process becomes much easier, because the more confidence you have, the more quickly you can build more. 


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