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7 Attributes of The Law Of Attraction EP: 20

7 Attributes of The Law Of Attraction EP: 20

7 Attributes of The Law Of Attraction

These 7 attributes will help you manifest your Desires much easier.

  1. Manifestation: the things you constantly focus on the most is what will manifest in your life. The mind is a powerful tool the more positive things you focus on, the more positive things you will get in your life.
  2. Magnetism: you are the magnet that has attracted everything in your life wether you realize it or not. The energy that you put out is the energy tat comes back to you. The more positive the energy the higher the frequency.
  3. Desire: make your intentions clear about the desires you have. Have no bought with your intentions. Always think positive about your desires and focus on achieving your goals.
  4. Balance: Balance yourself with the universe by enjoying and appreciating what you have now. Avoid becoming desperate, anxious or obsessed. You can think about the future, set intentions for the future. However the path of least resistance is in the moment and being happy in the now.
  5. Harmony: Everything is connected to each other. When you align yourself with the universe you tap into the real power of manifesting.
  6. Action: Doing the right thing. You have countless opportunities in your every day life to bring positive energies to yourself. How you treat others and the world around you has a huge impact on what is brought into your life.
  7. Universal Influence: Our lives are like a ripple effect, our energy affects everyone around us. You don’t even need to know the people around you to have an impact on their lives.

These podcast have been designed to help you change you thinking habits. Change your thoughts and you change your world. Become the change you wish to see in life.

I truly appreciate you listening to the podcast each week.

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Messages From The Universe EP: 16

Messages From The Universe EP: 16

What Does 1111 Mean

When you see 1111 the Universe is connecting with your Thoughts and whatever you were intensely thinking about at that moment will manifest quickly in you physical reality.

If you are really feeling good about what you are thinking about and you can feel your thoughts raising your Vibration then you are aligning with the Universe and you can expect manifestation of those thoughts.

You need to make sure that your thoughts are positive thoughts that you are feeling. We receive more of what we think about weather the energy is positive or negative.

When you see the numeric sequence 1111, trust that it is a divine sign from Source Energy that the Universe is allowing you thoughts to manifest very fast.

Pay attention to your thoughts when you see 1111, make sure you are creating positive energy flow and your vibration is high and you are tuned in to the Frequency to receive from the universe.

When You See 1111

  • Pay attention to your thoughts because the opportunity Portal is opening for you.
  • Now that everything is the result of your thoughts and feelings.
  • You are on the right path of awakening.
  • Set an intention and take action.

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Manifesting Your Dreams Ep: 9

Manifesting Your Dreams Ep: 9

Manifesting Your Dreams

With The Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction experts around the world recommend using positive affirmations. The definition of affirmations (sometimes called “self-affirmations”) is using ‘positive sentences that you repeat to yourself’ to build up self-belief in the subconscious mind.

Use your journal that you are keeping the things you would like to manifest in your life and make a list of affirmations that inspire and motivate you to be better and help to overcome inner barriers and self-doubt.

When you first start saying these phrases, they might not necessarily be true. But they should be designed to reflect what you want to be true. You need to make them powerful and unique to who and what you want to become. Then, over time, the consistent repetition of daily positive affirmations will help to reshape your inner beliefs and assumptions about yourself and the world around you. This reshaping gives you a more positive perception of who you are and where you stand. So most importantly, you have to truly believe an affirmation to be true.

According to the Law of Attraction, what you think and feel shapes your reality. The power of affirmations lies in their ability to transform your external world by first changing your internal one. In addition, you can use affirmations for all sorts of goals, from self-confidence to career success, love, and abundance. Their only limitations are the ones you place on them.

Affirm yourself constantly throughout the day to maintain that way of thinking. Our advice is for people to always try these things and notice the difference in your life and what an impact it can have. Certainly when starting out it would be best to make this the first thing you do and many successful believers will have affirmation cards or post-it notes in view as soon as they wake for this reason.

Top Benefits Of Affirmations

  • Research on affirmations shows that when you’re stressed, you can boost your problem-solving skills by using self-affirmation. So, affirmations can help you perform better under pressure. This is particularly useful in situations like job interviews and first dates!
  • Daily affirmations help you vibrate in alignment abundance, rather than lack. This can help you manifest your Law of Attraction goals at an even faster rate.
  • Affirmations make you more aware of your thought processes. Greater awareness makes you more likely to challenge negative thoughts as they arise. This also enhances your self-knowledge, making you better at knowing what you really want in life.
  • Positive affirmations reconnect you with feelings of gratitude and enhance your perspective on the good things in life. This can boost your happiness, as well as your vibrational frequency.
  • Recent research indicates that optimistic people tend to have better cardiovascular health. So if your affirmations make you more optimistic, they could help you to live longer too.

Self-affirmations are good for your body and your subconscious mind. In fact, many people use them even when not actively working with the Law of Attraction. By changing the way you think, they can help you to slowly transform your whole life.

Here are some examples of Affirmations.

Money Affirmations 

  • “I am ready, willing and happy to receive money.”
  • “Money comes to me easily and freely.”

Love Affirmations

  • “I am attracting my soulmate, and my life is full of love and joy”.

Self-Love Affirmations

  • “I respect and love myself!”
  • “The only approval I need is my own.”
  • “My mind is bursting with bright ideas, kind words, and happiness.”

Affirmations for Success

  • “I am confident, capable, and achieving everything I set my mind to.”

Some of the most powerful affirmations are brought to life most significantly by understanding and using Law of Attraction methods. Law of Attraction focusses heavily on training your sub-conscious mind from limiting and often damaging beliefs that are instilled in us throughout the course of our lives. Therefore Law of Attraction affirmations specifically target the areas of your life that need improving and help you believe that you really can attract all of your dreams by improving self-perception. They also designed to ensure that you keep constant attention to your thoughts and behaviors as your day progresses. And by becoming more conscious of the way that you perceive yourself, in turn, this helps to combat the limiting beliefs that might otherwise creep in to create a negative reality.

Now go and Create your New Life.

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The Universe Has Your Back Ep: 8

The Universe Has Your Back Ep: 8

The Universe Has Your Back

The Law of Divine Oneness – everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us.

Law of Vibration – Everything in the Universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns, the same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills in the Etheric world. Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.

Law of Action – Must be employed in order for us to manifest things on earth. We must engage in actions that supports our thoughts dreams, emotions and words

Law of Correspondence – This Universal Law states that the principles or laws of physics that explain the physical world energy, Light, vibration, and motion have their corresponding principles in the etheric or universe “As above, so below”

Law of Cause and Effect – Nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws.. Every Action(including thought) has a reaction or consequence “We reap what we sow”

Law of Compensation– The Universal Law is the Law of Cause and effect applied to blessings and abundance that are provided for us. The visible effects of our deeds are given to us in gifts, money, inheritances, friendships and blessings.

Law of Attraction – Demonstrates how we create the things, events and people that come into our lives Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – All persons have within them the power to change the conditions of their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change

Law of Relativity – Each person will receive as series of problems (Tests of Initiation/Lessons) for the purpose of strengthening the light within each of these tests/lessons to be a challenge and remain connected to our hearts when proceeding to solve the problems. This law also teaches us to compare our problems to others problem into its proper perspective. No matter how bad we perceive our situation to be, There is always someone who is in a worse position. Its all relative.

Law of Polarity – Everything is on a continuum and has and opposite. We can suppress and transform undesirable thoughts by concentrating on the opposite pole. It is the law of mental vibrations.

Law of Rhythm – Everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms.. These rhythms establish seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. Each cycle reflects the regularity of God’s Universe. Masters know how to rise above negative parts of a cycle by never getting to excited or allowing negative things to penetrate their consciousness.

Law of Gender – The law of gender manifests in all things as masculine and feminine. It is this law that governs what we know as creation. The law of gender manifests in the animal kingdom as sex. This law decrees everything in nature is both male and female. Both are required for life to exist.


How Does The Law of Attraction Work Ep: 7

How Does The Law of Attraction Work Ep: 7

How Does The Law of Attraction Work

The Law of Attraction means that whatever you give your focus and attention to, is what you attract into your life. In other words, you’re dominant thoughts ultimately manifest themselves into your life. You get what you think about.

Napoleon Hill said ” Thoughts are Things”

Even though Napoleon Hill said this almost a hundred years ago people still do not understand how profound and true this concept is.

The Law of Attraction helps us harness the Power of our mind in such a way that causes our thinking and our feelings and our actions and our behaviors to become aligned with what we really want. When this happens the Universe will always deliver.