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Law of Attraction for Wealth EP: 33

Law of Attraction for Wealth EP: 33

Law of Attraction for Wealth

How to Use the Law of Attraction for More Wealth In Your Life

Wealth means to have an abundance of something, and it is usually related to finances/money. But you can have wealth in any area of your life, from finances to love, and you can manifest more of it using the Law of Attraction. Using these simple yet effective tips, you can start seeing more wealth in your life in any area you choose!

Higher Consciousness

1. Let go of the feelings of lust.

Lust means that you want something, but you think or feel that you can’t ever have it. That means that, if you feel lust for more money, you won’t ever get it because you will only attract more feelings of want/need. Instead, change your thinking to being open to opportunities where you can obtain more wealth. Train both your conscious and subconscious mind to let go of old, negative thoughts and beliefs by using positive affirmations and thoughts. Feelings of lust will only turn wealth away from your door.

2. Be open to different means of wealth.

If you want a new kitchen appliance, you can get it in many ways, such as by saving up your own money for it, through a giveaway/contest, or through a friend or family member who wants to get you a gift. Don’t focus on one way to get what you want because you won’t see the other doors of opportunities that open up for you. The Universe will provide you with many ways to get what you want, so be sure to keep your mind open to all the possibilities. If you only focus on one way, then you will only receive disappointment.

3. Make clear, detailed goals only.

Leave no room for doubt or questions, and create clear, detailed goals. When you create these types of goals, the Universe knows exactly what you want and what to give you. It can even give you something better than what you asked for, but the more detailed you are, the more the Universe can give you. Think of the Universe as a shopping center where you can order whatever you want. When you send in your order, you want to be specific so that you get exactly what you ordered.

4. Show gratitude for the things you already have in life.

Gratitude is powerful in the Universe, and the more you appreciate something you have already, the more you will receive. When you take care of the things you already have and express your gratitude for them, you show the Universe that you care about what you have and that you love what you have. Love is another powerful energy in the Universe, so gratitude will help you love more of the things you already have in order to receive more of it.

The Universe has everything you can ever want, and it has everything in abundance. There is no such thing as too much or too little in the Universe. You can obtain more wealth in your life too by using these simple tips you can do daily.

Understanding the 7 Universal Laws of Attraction EP: 32

Understanding the 7 Universal Laws of Attraction EP: 32

The 7 Laws of Attraction

Even though the Law of Attraction is one of the 12 universal laws, there are seven laws that fall under the Law of Attraction alone.
Manifesting Your Desires

1. The Law of Manifestation

This law means that anything we focus on constantly will manifest in your lives. Everything that you think about is mirrored in your outside world, so your mind is a powerful manifestation tool. The more positive things you focus on, the more you will get in your life.

2. The Law of Magnetism

The Law of Attraction is always in action, so you are a real magnet that has attracted everything in your life and will continue to attract everything you think about. The energy that you put out will come back to you if it’s on the same frequency level.

3. The Law of Unwavering Desire

This law describes that all intentions that you have are free of doubts. Whether good or bad intentions, your intentions must be stable and certain in order for them to manifest. If you want to manifest positive things into your life, focus on achieving your goals and thinking positively about them and yourself.

4. The Law of Delicate Balance

Everything in the Universe works in a balanced cycle, and the Law of Delicate Balance says that we must balance ourselves by enjoying and appreciating what we have now and always. With the goals we want to achieve in the future, we can think about them and work towards them, but avoid becoming desperate, anxious or obsessed with it. You can think about the future, but also remember what you have now.

5. The Law of Harmony

Everything in the Universe is in harmony with each other, and everything is connected to each other. You are one of billions and billions of energy sources, and you are connected to all energy sources somehow, even if you don’t see it. This law tells us to align ourselves with the Universe and our environment in order to tap into our real power.

6. The Law of Right Action

There are countless opportunities in our lives everyday that allows us to bring in negative or positive energies into our lives. The Law of Right Action states that how you treat others and the world around you, you will get back into your life. Doing the “right” things each day, such as helping others and loving others, will bring more positivity into your life.

7. The Law of Universal Influence

Like the ripple effect, our energies affect everyone around us, whether we know the person or not. Since everyone is connected in some way, our thoughts, beliefs and actions will affect other people. The more positive you are, the more positive influence you have on others.

By knowing all seven of the laws of attraction, you can gain a better understanding of the Law of Attraction and see how you can change your thinking habits to improve your lifestyle and be happier.

Mastering The Skills Of Thinking Correctly EP: 25

Mastering The Skills Of Thinking Correctly EP: 25

The one thing that will change your current situation in life whether it be your relationships, your job, even your finances is what you THINK about them.

The way to change your life long term is to change the way you think about it. If your glass its half empty then it will always be lacking. If your glass is half full then you know change can happen. 

The problem with most of our current situations is we get not what we desire but what we have to have. We get what we have to have for the mer purpose of survival. 

Get away from the poverty thinking of I don’t have enough and start believing that your source is never ending. We need to learn how to receive from God. Stop living beneath your privilege and start receiving what your heart desires. You are worthy you are intelligent you are a kind, and a generous beautiful being. 

What we are looking for and what we are talking about and what we need is self discipline. Just as Self discipline infers, it comes from you. It comes from within you. Self discipline comes when you make a decision to be more, to be better, to do more.

When you make now choices you get now results. When you no longer are willing to tolerate the status quo,  that is when true change happens.

We know one thing about high achievers. They all have Desires and Goals. Without these desires and goals you are like a ship without a rudder. You are directionless. That  is why you have heard me say make your intentions known with your desires. You have to know what you really want. When you are all over the map with your desires and goals you will get no where. 

People without Goals and Desires get used by people who have Goals and desires.

People without goals and desires work for the people who have set their intentions.

Think of an athlete who has a sound workout regimen. This athlete does what he knows that will give him the results he needs to be successful.

Quality Thinking

It’s the quality of your thinking that energizes your Desires. You have to practice quality thinking daily and even hourly to get successful results. This is like the athlete who shows up for practice everyday.

  • Quality Thinking 

  • Positive Thinking

  • Positive Energy Flow

  • Tuned In To The Correct Frequency

Quality Thinking is,  I AM Enough. I can have what so ever I say I can have. Quality Thinking is I can Do what ever I say I can do. Quality Thinking is I am worthy to receive my desires.

As this starts to settle in and you begin to grasp what I am saying you will begin to get a rise in your spirit down in your gut. Down in you innermost being the place where you connect with source energy, where you connect with God, where you connect with higher power when this happens you truly will become limitless. 

Everyone has a should list. I should loose wait, I should do better, I should , I should. With Right Thinking your shoulds become I will, I am , I can. I do.

When you begin having positive thoughts rise from your innermost being where you connect with God at you become all powerful. 

Success will come with your commitment to Positive Thinking. With this new way of thinking the real you is revealed. You will begin to talk your passion. You will begin to live your passion. What others think of you will no longer have a hold on you.

Forget The Past

Let go of the old way of life and embrace this new way of living. The old things can no longer have a hold on you. It takes courage, you have to have faith to let go and look forward and know that everything is working out for your best interest.

Know that if things in your past are living in your head then they are living or manifested in your life in this moment.

If you want your latter years to be greater than you former years then you have to let go of all the old belief systems that no longer work. Let go of your past. 

This moment is all you have and what you do in this moment will influence the next moment which will influence the next moment and so on. It your day to rise to your Greatest Potential. It is your time to be and have anything your mind can conceive. Right Thinking brings Right Living.

When you are always looking back at what could have been, living in the past you don’t have the energy for the Now. You can’t be distracted with what was or what could have been. Remember the moment is Now. What you are thinking about now what you have your focus on now will influence the rest of your life. Don’t let what could have been in your past cause what is in your future to slip away.

Stop wasting your time on what people may or may not be saying about you. The only thing that matters is what you are saying about you.  You are more than enough. Never be defeated by what others say or think about you. You will only ever be defeated by what you say about you. And you are Great you are that Powerful being who can change thoughts into things.

The opportunity is now this very second as you listen to me today. You have all the control. So step into the opportunity of your future. You control everything every minute of the day. 

If you don’t take control of your destiny today just think of what Ideals, what dreams, what ability, what talents and what gifts will not be changing the world. It’s not what we did in life that we regret on our death bed but it’s the things we didn’t do that we will regret.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. What color you are whether or not you are male of female. You have a dream inside you and it’s time to stop hiding that dream from the world.

You have had stinking thinking for too long. It’s time to stop making excuses for it. You have moved your dreams and desires to the back burner because of it. Stop listening to people telling you it can’t be done. It want work, be realistic. Down deep inside where we all connect with God you have a burning desire to make your dreams a reality. You have songs that have never been sung. You have books that have never been written. You have inventions that have never been invented. You have Greatness that has never been experienced. 

Know that you have everything you need to live your dreams and desires. Your opportunity is now. Now is the day to start building your legacy. 

If you think you can you can. If you think you can’t  you can’t. You get to make the decision to become what you think. So many of you refuse to think outside the social economics or educational box that society says we must live.

Think back to something you wanted in life. No matter how large or small it was. It all started with a desire. And with that desire came a thought which was the means to have what you desired. Begin today to think of a plan to acquire what it is you desire.

Set your intentions know what it is you want. You are creating what you want or you are reacting to what is. When you neglect to think properly you are choosing to accept what you don’t want.

The key is to realize you are in total control,  it is no one else fault but yours. It’s not God’s fault, it’s no moms fault its not the bosses fault. It’s not your wife or husbands fault or your friends. It’s not the world picking on you or bad luck. The problem is not the problem it’s your attitude you have toward the problem.

Your attitude will ether propel you forward or it will destroy you right where your at.

Every situation you encounter is an opportunity to create the reality you desire. You are in control of your destiny.

You are becoming an awakened superconscious being and you will accomplish great things.

Go forth and manifest your reality starting now, today this very moment.

Keys To Manifesting Your Reality EP: 24

Keys To Manifesting Your Reality EP: 24

The reality that you live within, is a manifestation of your on doing. Everything is your fault, both the good and the bad. The sooner that you realize this, the sooner you can move forward.

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.

Captain Jack Sparrow

You choose to exist as you do. Whether you are happy, or sad, angry, complacent, or filled with desire, this is the world in which you reside and have created. You and you alone. The power of intentional , positive manifestation.

Our acknowledgement of the power will give birth to a whole new mindset. One in which we can begin to properly utilize manifestation, letting go of blame of the past. One where you can earnestly pursue becoming all that you are truly capable of becoming. To fully embody the true self.

The definition of manifest is to make something apparent and real.

Stop dreaming and start manifesting. To manifest something is to bring it out of the realm of dreams, and to establish it in our daily life.

To manifest something you must be patient, deliberate and persistent. Oh and diligent.

Attract what you want by knowing that it is attracted to you. Let go of the idea that anyone or anything negative has control over your reality. It is no ones fault but your own. Like attracts like.

Take conscious control of your life. Whatever it is you are in pursuit of, take ownership of your life and your though patterns and it will inevitably become manifested.

It is your choice. You choose your own reality. The status of your life, the magnitude of your happiness, these things are all upon to you to decide.