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Affirming Your Abilities 

Affirming Your Abilities 

Affirming Your Abilities 

Now that you have a clear idea of your strengths, it’s time to begin affirming your abilities. This may seem like the same thing, but it’s quite different. Your strengths are things you are naturally good at, or have become good at. Your abilities are all about your POTENTIAL. 

One major step in building your confidence is becoming aware of your potential for growth. The exercise of writing down your strengths was a good start and likely gave you an insight into your capabilities. Now you need to explore these capabilities a bit further. 

Take another sheet of paper and write down everything you’ve ever attempted (not just succeeded at, but anything you’ve simply TRIED to do). Your list can include the obvious things like walking, cooking, driving, dancing, dating, eating, drinking, working, swimming, and so on. Also include the things you may have tried only once like skydiving, singing, marriage, business, and so on. 

After you’ve written down everything you can think of, look over your list and make a checkmark next to the things in which you’ve experienced success. Even if you were only slightly successful at something, or you only tried it once and it wasn’t a complete disaster, check it. 

(NOTE: Did you know that one definition of success is “a favorable result”? That insight changes your perspective a little, doesn’t it? You’ve probably been successful more than you realized.) 

Now look at your list again. Are the majority of the items on the list checked? I bet they are. Why do you think that’s important? Because it means that simply TRYING something (once or more than once) will result in a certain measure of success. It means you’re not as stupid or ineffective as you may have thought. If you were even moderately successful at the items on your list, doesn’t it follow that you could be successful at other things too? When you really get this, it’s a HUGE insight. 

Now – what if you only have a couple of items checked off, and the rest are unchecked? 

First, reconsider whether you are being too hard on yourself. Is your concept of success in balance? Success doesn’t have to mean perfection. If you were able to do well at something (even slightly well), or receive any kind of favorable result from it – that is success! 

Let’s expand a bit on what is meant by “favorable result”. This doesn’t have to be exclusive to external results. It can absolutely include favorable internal results. Here’s a good example of a favorable internal result: Let’s say you had to give a presentation at work and you were terrified of public speaking. You knew you couldn’t back out of giving the presentation, so you forced yourself to do it. Even if you completely bombed and the presentation was terrible, you would still probably feel a sense of pride that you did it at all! Facing a fear is absolutely a favorable result! 

Secondly, understand that the number of items checked off on your list doesn’t matter a bit. Even if you only have one item checked off, it still stands to reason that if you were successful at ONE THING, you can be successful at others. 

Intuition – An Interview With Edward K. EP: 38

Intuition – An Interview With Edward K. EP: 38

Edward and I have an impromptu conversation about intuition. (Some Adult Language Used)

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to inference or conscious reasoning. Different writers give the word “intuition” a great variety of different meanings, ranging from direct access to unconscious knowledge, unconscious cognition, inner sensing, inner insight to unconscious pattern-recognition and the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

The Benefits Of Being Grateful EP: 37

The Benefits Of Being Grateful EP: 37

Benefits Of Being Grateful

One of the ways we can define the term grateful is being appreciative of the benefits you’ve received. It’s a simple explanation, but it covers the basics. The fundamental premise is there – something good has happened to you and you appreciate it.

Of course, these “benefits” can take many forms. It can be something that’s happened recently, but you also can (and should) be grateful for your overall life and the sum of the events which have led you here.

You can even be grateful for the bad things that have happened. Negative experiences are tough to get through but they do shape our journey. And they’re just as important as good stuff.

While it may not be the easiest feeling to put into words, everyone knows what it is to be grateful.

It’s that profound sense of happiness that comes once you realize something has truly gone your way in life. It’s a joyous feeling but also a serene one, a gentle warmth emanating from within.

Gratefulness (or gratitude) is also an incredibly potent feeling. Not only does this refer to your emotional wellbeing, but also to a number of outward traits such as your physical health. Science has proven this, and we’ll take a quick look at it later on.

What’s even better is that feeling grateful is something you can learn and practice! This means you can make a conscious effort to feel more grateful on a regular basis.

This podcast episode will show you how and why this monumentally important feeling can impact your life.


Believe You Can and You Can EP: 35

Believe You Can and You Can EP: 35

If you want to succeed with The Law of Attraction, you have to be confident that what you want to manifest will manifest; and to believe that, you have to believe 100% that the Law of Attraction works.

Belief is actually the first principle – if you don’t believe in your power to use the Law of Attraction to manifest

what you desire and to change your life, no positive affirmation, no meditation, no book will make it happen. It all comes from you, from your mind and your readiness to change your thoughts and your life to manifest your desires.

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Law of Expectation EP: 34

Law of Expectation EP: 34

Law of Expectation

Law of Expectation: What Is It and How To Use It

The Law of Expectation is based off the Law of Attraction, and it means that anything you expect to happen in your life, it will happen. This law also proves that you must first believe in what you expect in order to get it. When we expect something to happen, no matter if it’s negative or positive, it will happen. But if you only want to bring positive events into your life, then you can use the Law of Expectation to your advantage. Instead of expecting negativity, expect positivity instead. Need help with using the Law of Expectation? Here are a few simple tips on how to use it:

Higher Consciousness

1. Only expect the best.

Expecting the best may be very intimidating because you have fears that they will not be met and that you will fail. However, when you want to expect the best, but only expect failure, fear and disappointment, you will get that. Let go of wanting to expect the best, and let go of the expectation of failure, fear and disappointment. It may take some practice, but being persistent about expecting the best and thinking only of what you want, you will be able to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind and align your thoughts and feelings to the right energy frequency.

2. Don’t let others put down your expectations.

Other people may think your expectations are too high and that you won’t succeed, but don’t let the people in your life put you down. You choose the path you want to travel in your life, so you must stick with the decision that makes you the happiest. Don’t let others influence you because you can hinder yourself from getting what you want. Even if what you expect can be quite a feat, as long as you know you can succeed, you can overcome all obstacles and reach your goal.

3. Train your mind.

With countless data and information in your subconscious and conscious minds, you’re filled with all sorts of beliefs and ideas that may limit you and prevent you from getting what you want. There are several ways to train your mind to expect what you want, and those include:

Training your mind helps you reprogram your subconscious and conscious minds to be aligned with your desires. Remember that training your mind takes practice and time, so be patient and know that, eventually, your mind will adapt to the new thinking pattern that will benefit you instead of go against you.

Since the Law of Expectation is based off the Law of Attraction, there are similarities between the two. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so whatever you think about, you will attract. The Law of Expectation states that you get what you expect, and what you think and expect, you will get. Knowing these two laws will help you retrain and reprogram your mind along with helping you develop healthy, positive thinking habits for life.

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