Become What You Desire

Become What You Desire

I would like to share a powerful technique with you, something that can change EVERYTHING in a split second. It’s deceptively simple and it’s something you can do anywhere, at any time. It does take a bit of practice to fully master, but after only a few tries you should be an old pro at it.

What is this amazing technique? BECOME WHAT YOU DESIRE. If you desire to be confident, become confident. If you desire to be successful, become successful. If you desire to be wealthy, become wealthy.

You may be furrowing your brow, wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Isn’t this the old “act as if” technique? Like “fake it until you make it”? Not quite.

What I’m proposing is an actual mental SHIFT. Not faking,

becoming. It seems like the same thing, but it’s vastly different.

When you “fake” something, you are aware that you are faking

it. You are an actor playing a role. You are not “becoming”

something or someone else; you are simply pretending to be

something or someone else. Therefore, you are not fully

invested in the process; therefore you do not receive the full



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